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Susan K. Lessack (Editor)

Pepper Hamilton LLP
Pennsylvania Employment Law

(610) 640-7806

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Susan K. Lessack is a partner in the Berwyn and Philadelphia offices of Pepper Hamilton LLP. She concentrates her practice in employment counseling and employment litigation. Ms. Lessack’s experience includes counseling employers on matters related to compliance with federal and state labor and employment laws, counseling regarding employee discipline and terminations, conducting investigations of employee conduct, including harassment, training employers on their obligations under employment laws and litigation avoidance, and developing employment policies. She defends employers in litigation of employment discrimination claims, wrongful discharge claims, and claims under federal and state employment-related statutes, such as the Family and Medical Leave Act and the Pennsylvania Wage Payment and Collection Law.

Minor schedule changes can add up to an FMLA interference claim

Employees are entitled to reinstatement to an equivalent position when they return from FMLA leave. Any change to the terms and conditions of employment—even a seemingly minor one—may amount to FMLA interference.

Harassed employee may have legal case even if she ignored internal complaint procedures

If supervisors and managers witness harassment and do nothing, an employee may conclude that the workplace is so permeated with harassment that it would be pointless to complain. That’s particularly true if HR personnel are among the managers apparently ignoring harassment.

EEOC paperwork flaw means Weis Markets won’t be sued

The Weis Markets grocery chain is off the hook for a hostile environment harassment lawsuit because a Cumberland County, Pa. woman who sued mishandled the required EEOC paperwork.

Document mistakes occurring near FMLA leave

Employees are entitled to take FMLA leave for covered serious medical conditions, which means they can’t be punished for taking leave. However, that protection doesn’t give them carte blanche to ignore workplace rules, and it doesn’t mean they can’t be punished for misdeeds that occur during FMLA leave.

Nail down all the details when settling lawsuit

Sometimes, it makes sense to settle a lawsuit instead of pursuing long, drawn-out litigation. But if you do, make sure that the written settlement agreement (and any promises made along the way) is accurate and specific.

FMLA: Firing can easily trigger retaliation suit

Thinking about terminating an employee who is currently out on FMLA leave? Proceed with the greatest of care! If ever there was a “red lights flashing” HR moment, this is it.

‘Clean slate’ law helps ex-cons, adds employer responsibilities

Pennsylvania governor Tom Wolf has signed a “clean slate” bill designed to help people convicted of nonviolent crimes obtain gainful employment.

Shapiro presses fast food biz about ‘no-poach’ contracts

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro has asked franchisees of eight fast food restaurants to disclose any “no-poach” agreements written into their employment contracts.

Shapiro among officials pushing back against PAID

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro is one of 11 state AGs who recently told Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta they have big problems with his agency’s new Payroll Audit Independent Determination program.

Five women leave Harrisburg, Pa. TV station in four months

Harrisburg television station WHTM ABC27 is the target of a Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission complaint that alleges Robert Bee, the station’s general manager, created a hostile work environment for women.