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Compensation & Benefits

Bush to halt Clinton-era rule opening UI funds for paid leave

Acting to quiet business’s criticism and protect state unemployment insurance dollars, the U.S. Labor Depart-ment says it plans to repeal a Clinton administration regulation that gives states the option of dipping …

Don’t Allow Unlimited Sick Leave


Q. Our company gives eight hours of sick leave per month to nonexempt employees. We’ve been told that, under the FLSA, exempt employees are to be paid whenever they are sick. So our exempt employees have virtually an unlimited sick-leave balance. Is this a correct way to interpret the FLSA? Should we have some type of sick-leave accrual and tracking for our exempts? —D.H., Kentucky

Check benefits compliance; new enforcement on the way

The IRS and U.S. Labor Department are joining forces to make sure employee benefit plans comply with annual filing requirements under ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act), specifically Form 5500. …

HR pay: Has it hit bottom?

Didn’t get much of a raise in 2002? You’re not alone. The struggling economy held HR pay in check as companies kept a tight rein on salary hikes. Pay nudged …

Dress codes: Strip away discrimination, ‘uniform’ dangers

If your business is image-driven, now’s the time to take a closer look at how you regulate employee appearance. Reason: An increasing number of lawsuits are successfully challenging employers’ dress-code policies. …

COBRA: Foolproof administration is key to compliance

THE LAW. The federal Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) of 1985 requires companies with group health plans to continue offering health insurance benefits to employees and their dependents for a …

Focus on Decision Making When Deciding Exempt Status


Q. I believe that one of our employees falls within the administrative exemption under FLSA, but I’m not sure if he “regularly exercises discretion and independent judgment.” How can I make that determination? —A.C., Mississippi

Overtime Pay Not Affected by Worker’s Shift Switch


Q. Are employers required to pay for overtime hours resulting from the employee voluntarily switching shifts with another employee? —E.R., Kansas

You can’t shave employee’s bonus just because she took FMLA leave

When the company Valerie Dierlam worked for was sold, the acquiring firm offered her a bonus of half her salary if she stayed for one year. She did, but the …

Person must be true employee to collect workers’ comp.

Jerald Meyer was helping repair a wall at his wife’s restaurant when he fell from a ladder and suffered a serious brain injury. Meyer brought a claim under workers’ comp, claiming …