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Compensation & Benefits

Don’t fire workers to trim health costs

During Kathy Smith’s first year in a customer service job, her husband was diagnosed with heart disease and her son with water on the brain. Treatment was covered under the firm’s …

Challenge workers’ comp claim based on personal problems, gossip

While working as a bus driver and instructor for a school district, Carrie Geredes had a not-so-private affair with a co-worker. After the affair ended, she heard that her former lover …

Don’t silence or punish workers who compare their pay

A marketing director at one of Covenant Care’s nursing facilities attended a meeting of other marketing directors in the company. During the meeting, she joined other directors in a brief discussion …

Sleeping on the job doesn’t pay–this time

The manager of a group home was required to work a regular, eight-hour day and remain at the home overnight. He was paid for a standard, 40-hour workweek and sued, alleging …

Military service counts toward FMLA eligibility

Ordinarily, workers are eligible for unpaid leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) after working for at least 12 months at a company and clocking at least 1,250 hours …

Feelings of exploitation, ‘e-overtime’ lead to rise in wage lawsuits

Taking work home and working off the clock is causing employees to feel they’re being taken advantage of by their employers. And letting the situation fester is contributing in a big …

Minimum wage: Brush up on your legal obligations

THE LAW. The federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires virtually all employers to pay at least a minimum wage, now $5.15 an hour, to all nonexempt employees. Many states also …

Comp Time for Exempt Workers: A Slippery Slope


Q. Is it legal to give our full-time, salaried employees extra time off from work due to meetings and extra workload responsibilities? —C.E., West Virginia

When to Pay for Rest Breaks


Q. What’s the deal on paying workers for rest breaks? —J.S., California

Workers’ comp can cover on-the-job fights

Robert LeeGrand, an African-American brick mason’s assistant, got mad when a co-worker criticized his work and made a racist remark. When LeeGrand confronted him, the co-worker threw bricks, which caused LeeGrand …