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Remind managers: Comments about weight can trigger harassment complaints


When people lose their jobs, they often look for some reason other than their own poor performance. And since they are off work, they have lots of time to think about the past, including real or imagined slights they endured at the hands of co-workers and supervisors.

10 ways Generation Y will change the workplace


There’s no doubt Generation Y will fundamentally change corporate America. It’s already started. Managing Gen Y is a hot topic among consultants, HR executives and talent management professionals. For a Gen Y’er like me, this is great news. We’re primed to change the workplace for the better. Here’s how we’ll do it.

California firm adds autism to health insurance coverage


After data management company NetApp added coverage for autistic children to its health plan in 2006, 31 of the organization’s 5,000 employees used the benefit the first year. A total of 43 have tapped it so far …

Execs lose their lunch


Executives are spending seven fewer minutes eating lunch than they did five years ago, according to a survey by staffing service OfficeTeam. The average executive lunch break is 35 minutes.

‘Business necessity’ may become new ADA focus


Beginning this month, the new amendments to the ADA take effect. Among those rules is one that says employees are disabled even if they can mitigate the effects of that disability with medication or other aids …

Track attitude if it’s a performance criterion


Before you use attitude as one of the reasons for rewarding one employee over another, consider how you will defend that decision if another employee thinks it was based on discrimination. Here’s how to use attitude as a decision factor.

Log performance problems and deficiencies … just in case


You never know which employee is going to sue you over a lost promotion, poor evaluation or other perceived slight. That’s why you should always keep careful track of all work deficiencies and document what role they played in every employment decision.

What’s this I’ve heard about employers doing away with performance evaluations?


Q. Is it becoming a practice among employers to quit conducting employee evaluations?

Prepare for change when ADA Amendments Act takes effect next month


The ADA Amendments Act of 2008, which goes into effect on Jan. 1, 2009, is designed to restore protections for the broad range of individuals with disabilities, as originally envisioned by Congress. The amendments were also meant to reverse several U.S. Supreme Court decisions that limited the ability of individuals to qualify as disabled …

Stress test: 9 questions to find out if you’re a victim or a master


Everyone’s stressed these days—whether from financial worries or just the looming holidays. Some thrive on stress, but for others it’s an emotional and productivity drain. Here’s a simple self-assessment you can do to gauge your stress level—and do something about it.