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Tap into employee brainstorms via suggestion program

Issue: Employees have great ideas every day. Is your organization tapping into them? Benefits: A properly managed suggestion program can improve morale, increase …

Use personality tests as tool, not stand-in, for hiring process

Issue: When can (and should) you use personality testing to screen applicants? Benefit: More tests are available online, which makes them easier and cheaper …

Trump ‘The Donald’ with benefits of apprenticeships

Issue: Your organization can benefit from government-backed apprenticeship programs. Benefit: Such programs can help you attract better applicants, cut turnover …

To cut turnover, give applicants a realistic view of job

Issue: How much should you, or the hiring manager, “sell” a position versus giving the full picture, warts and all? Risk: Providing an overly rosy scenario will create …

Retain low-wage employees without busting your budget

Issue: Retention efforts often focus only on the well-paid professionals and superstars. Benefit: A few simple moves and low-cost programs can help trim turnover …

Ease pay complaints & turnover by training managers


More often than not, employees believe that their pay levels are pulled out of a hat. And when employees do raise questions about their compensation, they typically go first to their front-line supervisor: the person with the greatest impact on their morale but the least-trained person to offer a good answer …

Cut turnover by revealing ‘Hidden facts’ in paychecks


Issue: Employees too often see their base salary as their bottom-line compensation. Risk: Without a clear view of their total compensation package, employees become disillusioned and seek greener …

5 ways to keep good people as the job market improves

Issue: Retaining the best employees should be a high priority for your organization as the economy picks up. Benefits: Reduces recruitment and retraining …

Max out results from your employee-referral program

Issue: Imaginative cash rewards are the key to successful employee-referral programs. Benefit: Employees hired through employee referrals have higher retention rates. Action: Read below to gauge whether your rewards …

Make sure HR spending aligns with management goals

HR spending often wildly varies from the senior management’s priorities, says a new Watson Wyatt survey. Examples: While managers ranked staff selection second in terms of their priorities, it ranked 36th …