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Employment Law

Try to offer same job to returning worker, not just same title, salary

Linda Cooper operated a locomotive, but when her personal problems pushed her into depression, she was forced to take a series of leaves of absences. Eventually, Cooper’s doctor cleared her …

Workers Can Limit Payments to Union


Q. We recently lost a union election, 6-3. What can employees who did not want any part of the union do now? Is there any way for them to get out of this? —K.F., Pennsylvania

Don’t drag feet on accommodation; delay can equal discrimination

Part of Rose Selenke’s job as a radiology technician involved developing mammography films. She suffered from sinus problems and frequently complained about fumes in the darkroom. The first time her …

Limit Employees’ Use of Phone While Driving


Q. The animal care officers who work for us spend 80 percent of their time driving and responding to rescue calls via cell phone. Requiring them to pull off the road while talking on their phones wouldn’t work. Is there another way to limit our liability? —D.R., Florida

You can limit domestic partner benefits to same-sex couples

If you’re thinking about extending benefits to employees’ domestic partners, be prepared to defend any limits. When the Chicago school board decided to extend spousal health benefits to domestic partners …

During FMLA, you can pay exempt workers by the hour

The job description for Doris Rowe’s position as a bus company supervisor noted the job was “FLSA: EXEMPT.” She was paid a fixed salary every two weeks regardless of the number …

Failing to transfer allergy sufferer may violate ADA.

William Woods’ doctor recommended that Woods leave central Texas to alleviate his severe allergies. Woods said his employer refused a transfer but suggested he resign and then reapply at its location …

Tell employee the complete reason for firing.

Rodney Smith was told he was being fired from his probation officer’s job because he violated the employer’s drug and alcohol policy. In court, the county claimed Smith was fired for …

Driving isn’t a major life activity

After Charlotte Chenoweth was diagnosed with epilepsy, her doctor ordered her not to drive until it was under control. Because her nursing job involved driving to different sites to review files, …

Unsigned contracts can lock you in

After negotiations to open a new restaurant, a company gave chef Roland Schnider a final draft of a three-year employment agreement that covered salary, benefits, bonuses and an ownership interest in …