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Employment Law

Religion must be accommodated, not trivialized

Remind all supervisors that unless a religious need unduly burdens business operations, they must accommodate employee beliefs.

Choosing applicants based on ‘it factor’: Is that job bias?

Here’s a $215,000 reminder that it’s always better to use objective, quantifiable measures in hiring, rather than relying on subjective factors.

State-by-state HR law summaries, revised for summer 2020

Premium Plus subscribers can download our new compilation of state HR law summaries.

If family member is ‘high risk,’ must you accommodate?

An employee [does not want to come into work/wants to work from home/wants a leave of absence] because he or she lives with someone who is at high risk for coronavirus complications. What do we do?

Employee tests positive? How to notify staff

Millions of Americans have tested positive for the coronavirus, so odds are that one or more of your employees will test positive in the coming months. But there is a smart (and legal) way to communicate this news to your employees.

The high cost of honoring customer bias: $568,500

Discriminating because of a customer’s request is just as illegal as discrimination an employer dreamed up by itself. This is especially true for employment agencies that place workers in temporary assignments or recommend them for permanent placement.

Prepare for ADA suits driven by health fears

Simultaneous health and financial crises have given us all plenty to fear. Surely you are doing your best to prove to employees that your workplace is safe. Most will be assured. However, a small subset of workers may remain paralyzed by safety concerns.

Supreme Court rules for religious employers

Two of the U.S. Supreme Court’s final decisions of the 2019-2020 term backed employers’ ability to invoke religion to exempt themselves from laws affecting employees and the workplace.

Spring regulatory agenda addresses contractor, wellness issues

The Trump administration’s Spring 2020 Unified Agenda of Regulatory and Deregulatory Actions—released late, on June 30—spells out what it hopes to accomplish between now and the end of the year.

Inspect remote worksites to uncover hidden harassment

Harassment—sexual and otherwise—often flourishes in remote work locations where there is little direct supervision. One of the best ways to rein it in: routine, unannounced workplace visits by HR.