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Business necessity can justify criminal ban

A number of convict-rights advocacy organizations have sued, alleging that some employers aren’t doing enough to prevent inadvertent discrimination on the basis of criminal histories. Fortunately, employers have a defense against such lawsuits.

Video can enhance hiring process

Implementing video into your hiring process may be the attention-grabber you need. Here are nine ways to go about it.

Hiring: Opioid crisis collides with the ADA

Among the scarce pool of workers who are applying for jobs, a fair number are recovering opioid users. That may mean employers face a higher likelihood of being sued because they don’t understand the ADA.

Canada moving aggressively to poach foreign tech talent

As the Trump administration cracks down on the H1-B visas that bring thousands of high-tech workers to Silicon Valley each year, Canada is rolling out the welcome mat.

Document why you decided to hire candidate

A simple truth: Any candidate who doesn’t get a job might sue, alleging some form of discrimination. It’s best to simply assume that, at some point, you will have to explain to a judge exactly why the applicant you picked was the best person for the job.

Competition heats up for holiday season hiring

Looking to add staff to keep up with the holiday season rush? You’ve got competition.

ACLU targets social media recruiting ads

Before you sign up for an online advertising program, consider the potential pitfalls—including whether organizations like the American Civil Liberties Union might claim your social media outreach campaign is discriminatory.

40% of applicants say it’s OK to ‘ghost’ employers

‘Ghosting’ a potential employer you’re no longer interested in is acceptable, according to a new survey from Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews company.

Poll: Deal-breakers that instantly sink applicants

A new CareerBuilder survey asked HR pros to name recent applicant flubs that immediately earned Thanks-But-No-Thanks status.

California’s immigration law partly halted, notice provisions remain

A federal district judge in California has issued a preliminary injunction preventing the state from enforcing certain provisions of Assembly Bill 450, a statute that, among other things, prohibits private employers from cooperating with federal immigration enforcement agencies in the absence of a judicial warrant or a subpoena.