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Omitting salary in a job description

A hot debate in HR is whether to post a salary range in job descriptions. A growing number of local and state laws—California’s, for example—recently mandated it. But is it a good idea? If you ask prospective candidates, the answer is a resounding yes.

Snapshot: Lack of salary info irks job seekers

Almost a third of survey respondents report that lack of salary info in ads is their biggest frustration when job hunting.

Avoid candidate ghosting with these tips

Job hunters have long complained about interviewing and then hearing nothing back from employers. Well, the “ghosting” is now going the other way, according to LinkedIn. Here are three of LinkedIn’s top tips to get responses from the top candidates you seek.

Stand out in the crowded job marketplace

Salary and benefits are no longer the most significant influencer in attracting highly qualified candidates. Increasingly, employees accept or reject job offers based on a job’s purpose, workplace culture and work/life balance. Applicants also consider an organization’s ethics and involvement in social issues.

Crisis presents opportunity for hiring changes

The Great Resignation brought on an enormous crisis for HR professionals. A crisis transforms organizations from a stable “performance mode” into a more flexible “learning mode.”

Tips for bringing pay transparency to your organization

Multiple states have enacted pay transparency laws, and more are likely to follow suit. Yet nearly a third of employers say they are not ready for such openness.

Improve hiring processes to attract Gen Z

Gen Z workers will account for more than a quarter of the workforce by 2025. But this group has an unemployment rate of nearly twice other generations. It’s not because they aren’t searching for work—they are discouraged by poor hiring processes, according to a new survey from Bullhorn.

Ease talent struggles via internal recruitment

Your organization’s most robust talent pool may already be working for you.

What’s in a name?

A new study suggests that a tricky name can hurt someone’s chances of getting a callback.

California latest to require pay transparency

California is the latest state to join a growing nationwide salary transparency movement.