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Snapshot: How has talk about politics at work changed over the past 4 years?

More than half of U.S. workers say discussion of political issues has increased in the last four years.

Fewer seeking new jobs: Sign of a slowdown?

A full 53% of U.S. workers say they intend to stay with their current employer in the coming months. That’s a 10% increase compared to when the question was asked a year ago.

Gen X: the easiest to work with

Workers across all age brackets say that Generation X workers are the easiest employees to work with, says a new Reflektive survey.

Snapshot: What worries American workers most?

Employees in the United States are generally very confident about their job security. However, here’s what they worry about most.

Business execs worry about health of their industries

Despite record low unemployment, a soaring stock market and—between gig work and telecommuting—more ways than ever for work to get done, a surprising number of business decision-makers say they are worried about the short-term health of their industries.

Snapshot: What motivates the decision to be an external worker?

A sample of freelancers, independent consultants, temps and gig workers gave the reasons they became external workers.

48% dated a co-worker, causing 4% to lose jobs

Reboot Digital Marketing recently surveyed 2,446 employees to learn the extent of intramural romance at work. It’s probably no surprise that it’s pretty common.

U.S. among leading nations for telecommuting

Forty-three percent of U.S. employers offer a remote work option, according to a new study conducted by Condeco Software.

Co-worker relationships: The key to staff well-being

A new Myers-Briggs survey says employees’ relationships with co-workers is the number one contributor to their well-being at work.

Depending who you ask, HR gets mixed reviews

The good news: More than 80% of surveyed executives say they feel comfortable approaching HR with problems, believe they get excellent support from their company’s HR function and think HR has been effective in improving the workplace. The bad news: Far fewer non-managers have such warm feelings about HR.