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To keep arbitration clause legal, ensure workers’ cost is reasonable

When SFX bought a New York radio station, it required all workers to sign a binding arbitration clause. Station employee Tracy Christopher later accused the company of gender and pregnancy …

Keep unions at bay: Allow few exceptions to no-solicitation policy

Don’t be so quick to OK fund-raising events at your workplace, allowing too many could endanger your “no solicitation/no distribution” policy and open you up to an accusation of an unfair …

Crisis management: Set smart policy before disaster strikes

The size of the Sept. 11 attacks magnified the impact that a disaster can have on a workplace, thousands attempting to evacuate …

Keep Control Over Comp-Time Accumulation


Q. We have an exempt supervisor who’s accumulated more than 400 hours of comp time over the past year. It’s almost impossible for her to take 400 hours of comp time and do her job. What is our obligation to pay for this comp time? How can this issue best be resolved? —G.H., California

Close ties with arbitrator can unbind decision

Prudential fired Alex Montez four months into his job as a senior vice president after it found he had misrepresented something on his job application. But one issue prevented a clean …

Don’t set automatic deadline for workers returning from disability leave.

Make sure your medical leave policy doesn’t automatically terminate employees after a certain number of days. Blood Systems Inc. recently agreed to pay 23 employees a total of $650,000 after the …

Heterosexuals also protected.

A secretary for the Metropolitan Opera’s stage director filed a discrimination suit, saying her boss subjected her to a hostile environment and fired her because she isn’t a homosexual. The New …

Be vigilant against bias in wake of terrorist attacks

Following the attacks on Sept. 11, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is urging employers to guard against harassment of Arab-American and Muslim workers.
It wants companies to:

Beware of sick leave policies that allow pay reduction of exempt

To protect employee exemptions from overtime, make sure your sick leave policy defines which classifications would not be subject to pay deductions. In 1997, the U.S. Supreme Court said employees …

… and they’re planning to leave

In a separate survey by Walker Information, only 24 percent of workers say they are committed to their employer and plan to stay for the next two years. The Indiana-based …