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How to manage your workforce during times of conflict

With elections nearing and world events stirring fear and emotion, no workplace is immune to conflict. Hiring decisions become complicated when employers must weigh hiring applicants who hold fervent or unpopular political views. Here are some suggestions to help employers navigate today’s troubled workplace waters.

Key officials confirmed at DOL, EEOC

The U.S. Senate has confirmed two Biden administration nominees to fill top jobs at the Department of Labor and the EEOC.

Look for HR effects of Biden’s AI executive order

The Executive Order on the Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy Development and Use of Artificial Intelligence, issued Oct. 30, acknowledges the power of AI systems to “solve urgent challenges while making our world more prosperous, productive, innovative, and secure.” But the order notes AI downsides that the Biden administration is calling on government agencies and private industry to address.

Could LinkedIn Recruiter be the AI game-changer HR has been waiting for?

LinkedIn is getting ready to launch a suite of artificial intelligence-based recruiting tools that could cement AI as HR’s MVP. Here’s what’s on tap for what LinkedIn is calling Wave 1 of Recruiter’s upgrade.

4 strategies to earn buy-in from your boss

Ever have a fantastic idea you are excited about implementing that never saw the light of day due to a lack of support from your boss? Smart managers realize that coming up with an innovative solution is just an initial step toward change or progress. Turning that notion into reality requires getting others on board. How do you maximize your chances of receiving the go-ahead? Consider these strategies.

2024 forecast: Employees, employers alike taking a fresh look at pay, priorities

Evolving economic conditions have workers reassessing pay expectations and career priorities, and employers reassessing compensation plans and recruiting strategies, according to the Robert Half outplacement firm’s newly released 2024 Salary Guide. Five takeaways emerged from the company’s research.

Prepare to comply: Pregnant Workers Fairness Act regulations due soon

The EEOC is gearing up to begin enforcement of the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act. The law, enacted in December 2022, requires employers to reasonably accommodate a worker’s limitations related to pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions, unless the accommodation will cause the employer an undue hardship.

Staff have returned to the office, but the boss may be MIA

There’s a profound disconnect between workers who have been ordered to return to the office and the bosses who demand their on-site presence, according to a new survey by ResumeBuilder.com. Fully 23% of workers forced to return to their offices say their supervisors aren’t physically present as much as they are.

Supreme Court watch: Upcoming cases on ‘23–’24 employment law docket

The 2023–2024 term of the U.S. Supreme Court opened on Oct. 2. Three cases that may have a big impact on employers are already lined up for oral arguments and decisions sometime before June 2024. These include a bid to severely curtail the ability of agencies to create regulations based on their interpretation of federal laws, a potential big expansion of reasons employees can use to sue their employers and a whistleblower-protection case.

Delegate with care when asking managers to help with HR

Say you’re part of an overworked two- or three-person HR department that struggles to keep up with basic administrative duties. It may be tempting to ease the load by transferring some basic HR duties to managers. That strategy can work, but it can also cause problems—and even result in legal liability risks.