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The HR I.Q. Test: April ’23

Here’s your monthly quiz on HR news and trends.

DOL says sweatshops produce Made in America garments

The Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division routinely conducts compliance investigations in industries it suspects may be skirting their obligations under the Fair Labor Standards Act. A recent compliance investigation targeted the garment industry in Southern California known for supplying big-name retailers with the clothing they sell labeled Made in America.

Essential questions to ask when considering drug testing

Many employers struggle with whether (and why) to test their employees for illegal drug use. The question is fraught with compliance challenges and implementation problems.

Case of the Week: Apply your dress and grooming policies consistently

You probably have a policy that spells out your dress and grooming rules, which may limit certain employee clothing choices that might offend customers, clients or co-workers. But how you enforce that rule may mean the difference between winning quick dismissal of a discrimination lawsuit or a big jury award against your organization.

Fail-to-post fines grow to $659 per violation

Fines have increased for failing to properly display compliance posters for Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, the ADA and the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act. Effective March 23, the fines increased from $612 per violation to $659 per violation.

4 keys to care for employees’ mental health and wellness

According to the nonprofit American Institute of Stress, work-related stress and associated absenteeism, diminished productivity and turnover cost employers at least $187 billion per year. To relieve employees’ stress and improve their mental health, try these tactics.

Here comes the summer help!

How to welcome, prep and manage those seasonal employees.

About time: Scheduling is key when managing hybrid teams

It’s really hard to claw back something—remote work—that people now see as the norm. Making the return-to-office decision requires recognizing that remote work didn’t just change where people work. It also changed when people work.

ChatGPT for HR: Do your research before jumping in

The news media has been in an artificial intelligence feeding frenzy ever since AI chatbot ChatGPT was released Nov. 30. But before you decide whether to incorporate AI into your HR function, look beyond the numbers to find the real story about widespread usage.

Compliance guidance for the construction industry

Employers in the construction industry face special challenges in complying with federal anti-discrimination and workplace safety laws. The nature of construction work, oversight by government enforcement agencies and the zeal of opportunistic plaintiffs’ lawyers make it essential for construction companies to nail their compliance responsibilities.