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Policy can end pay for unused vacation days

You cannot withhold unused vacation pay, but there’s a way to get employees to forfeit unused vacation days.

Snapshot: Covid prompts “Great Reflection”

After 47 million Americans quit their jobs in 2021—a record number, says the Bureau of Labor Statistics—the departures, or Great Resignations, caused workers to regard their employment differently. Call it The Great Reflection.

One job at a time, please

Moonlighting, or working a second job, has always existed as a feature of the after-hours workplace. But computers and remote work have brought the temptation to work two or even three jobs into the daylight.

Smile! Your business is on TikTok!

In an age when virtually every aspect of our lives is potentially captured on camera, employees uploading videos from the office was inevitable, especially if they belong to the “social media generation.” Your policies must encompass these infractions.

California extends covid requirements until 2024

California’s governor signed Assembly Bill 2693, which amends and extends covid-19 workplace notice requirements until Jan. 1, 2024. Are similar revisions coming to your state?

The case for behavioral rules

If you don’t have behavioral rules to guide employees or don’t enforce the current ones, you are missing an opportunity to discipline workers appropriately when they cross behavioral lines.

Consider these health benefits in the wake of the Dobbs decision

Employers must carefully consider the impact of the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization ruling on their health and welfare benefits plans. Plan sponsors must review state law changes, prepare changes to their plan documents, consider travel and lodging benefits, and analyze privacy and safety concerns.

States and cities clamp down on AI

AI criticism includes claims that AI may build into their algorithms subtle forms of bias that adversely impact protected class subgroups instead of preventing discrimination. Think women, older applicants and persons of color. The concern is so great that state and local authorities are already passing laws or considering legislation that limits AI use.

Get ready for 2023 employment law changes

Do you wish you had a crystal ball for what might be coming in 2023? We asked a top employment lawyer to engage in a bit of clairvoyance.

Robots can work for you

Robots—that is, data-driven technologies or artificial intelligence—are probably already in your business, working for you. Here’s how to make them work harder and smarter.