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As Valentine’s Day approaches, review policies addressing sexual harassment

With February comes Valentine’s Day, as good an excuse as any to review your company communications policies so employees understand there are limits on how, where and when they can embrace the spirit of romance at work.

CEOs optimistic about the economy, worried about their own companies

The proportion of CEOs who believe global economic growth will improve over the next 12 months has more than doubled in the last year. At the same time, the proportion of CEOs concerned about their organizations’ long-term business viability has risen to 45%.

What HR needs to know about the coming Supreme Court ruling that could upend feds’ regulatory authority

The U.S. Supreme Court on Jan. 17 held oral arguments in two cases questioning the authority of federal agencies to interpret the laws Congress passes. The arguments never once mentioned employment law, but the court’s ruling, expected by June, could very well upend the government’s ability to regulate wage-and-hour practices, set FMLA rules, enforce anti-discrimination laws and oversee dozens of matters affecting HR.

Plan now for the year ahead: 9 trends that will shape HR in 2024

In today’s business environment, HR leaders must strategically position their organizations to attract and retain top talent while achieving operational goals. The Gartner business advisory firm says these are the most significant trends HR professionals must be prepared to embrace this year.

How to properly train a new employee

Good training doesn’t just happen. It’s the result of careful preparation and a well-developed supervisory system.

4 tips for writing better emails

Are your email messages not getting the response you’d like? Maybe some aren’t getting any response at all! Consider these four tips to improve your results.

Women say playing sports sets them up for career success

Playing competitive sports often helps set women up to have successful careers, according to a survey by the Deloitte consulting firm. It found that women who played competitive sports in their youth are more likely to be in leadership or management roles.

Follow EEOC’s recipe for anti-harassment training

Employers in industries such as hospitality and retail often promote rank-and-file workers to supervisory roles. That may mean that front-line supervisors may not have had the formal training required for their new jobs. That means it’s up to HR to ensure new bosses understand all their responsibilities, including how to handle discrimination and harassment they witness. A recent EEOC lawsuit offers lessons on how to deliver that training.

Glassdoor’s 2024 ‘Best Places to Work’ winners

The companies that make up Glassdoor’s latest list of America’s best places to work lean heavily toward high-tech … but not all do. In-N-Out Burger, anyone?

Survey: Do you share CHROs’ confidence about 2024?

The Conference Board’s quarterly survey of CHROs is designed to gauge what HR leaders think lies ahead for their functions and organizations, and how they plan to tackle common HR problems. Here are two major findings from the board’s fourth-quarter survey.