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Using emojis in the workplace: A terrible idea?

There’s a clear generational divide over whether it’s appropriate to use emojis in work communication.

Employers offer incentives to encourage COVID vaccine

An increasing number of companies are giving cash, leave, wellness benefits or gift cards to encourage employees to get the COVID shots.

Contracts can’t rush ADA, ADEA deadlines

Check your handbook for language that sets premature deadlines for employees to file discrimination complaints under the ADA and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act. Anything less than the time frames set out in the laws is unenforceable, a federal appeals court has ruled. In most cases, that is 300 days.

51% consider relocating—if the price is right

A new study shows that relocation is a big consideration for professionals and employers right now.

Biden acts to reverse Trump civil rights rules

Just hours after being sworn in on Jan. 20, President Joe Biden moved to overturn Trump administration policies affecting how the government addresses workplace diversity and bias in the federal workforce.

OSHA plans emergency covid safety standards

Soon to follow: Enforceable emergency temporary standards and a mandate for OSHA inspectors to concentrate enforcement efforts on employers prone to covid-safety lapses affecting the greatest number of workers.

Biden pushes tougher COVID workplace safety rules

President Biden signed an executive order on Jan. 21 that directs OSHA to add more enforcement teeth to its COVID safety rules for businesses.

5 issues HR leaders must confront in 2021

As HR leaders continue to address organizational changes caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the Gartner business advisory firm has identified five future-of-work decisions HR must tackle this year.

Snapshot: Working remotely: Greater flexibility, less job satisfaction

Employees who work from home say they feel less connected to co-workers, but appreciate the flexibility.

Encouraging staff to get COVID vaccine? Build buy-in and plan for opposition

Even though the EEOC gives you legal authority to require employees to get the vaccine, it’s wise to communicate with workers to gain their buy-in.