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Lawyers: Social distancing is top return-to-work issue

Corporate attorneys say ensuring social distancing is the most important issue employers must address before asking employees to return to work following coronavirus-related shutdowns.

Snapshot: Working remotely to limit coronavirus exposure

The percentage of workers who always work remotely has declined steadily since the beginning of the pandemic. Will the trend continue?

Dept. of Sobering Statistics

How long until the economy recovers from the coronavirus?

Bosses, not staff, should enforce mask rules

“Do not ask or expect a nonmanagement employee to handle removal of a noncompliant visitor, guest or customer,” advised the Fisher Phillips employment law firm in a recent blog post.

The HR I.Q. Test: August ’20

Here’s your monthly quiz on HR news and trends.

3 overlooked basics of a telecommuting agreement

If you don’t have a telecommuting agreement on the books, attorney Anniken Davenport provided guidance on how to structure one in a recent webinar.

OSHA issues guidance on reopening facilities

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has issued a set of frequently asked questions to help employers as they attempt to fully or partially reopen their workplaces.

Now more than ever, keep dress code neutral

With a potentially polarizing election looming, workplace conflict over politics seems almost inevitable. Employers should avoid fueling those battles. One flashpoint to beware: Dress codes that prescribe what employees must or must not wear at work, especially concerning political expression.

Snapshot: It’s not all bad news!

Despite the daily drumbeat of negativity, Americans are staying at least somewhat positive.

Google extends work-from-home, others could follow

News that Google will allow most employees to work from home for 12 more months has other employers reconsidering their own plans to reopen workplaces this year.