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Vax mandate is back, Supreme Court to decide

On Dec. 17, a federal appeals court reinstated OSHA’s vaccinate-or-test requirement for private employers with at least 100 employees. In separate cases, courts have placed on temporary hold mandates for federal contractors and health workers to be vaccinated against covid-19. The U.S. Supreme Court will make the final call.

75% of large employers would scrap vax mandates

Three-quarters of large employers that would be subject to the Biden administration’s on-hold vaccinate-or-test mandate say they will not require employees to get covid-19 vaccines if courts permanently strike down the requirement.

Got ‘Glassdoored’? How to respond to negative online reviews

It’s tempting to quickly react, make it personal or try to get even with the anonymous poster (typically a former employee). But the best move is to manage the issue calmly. Here are three tips.

Power rankings—for managerial skills

Here are the top 10 qualities they all must have.

Start 2022 by checking in on employees’ mental health

Some of your employees are working through mental health issues of varying degrees caused by all this stress, change and loss. The hard part is figuring out what we as employers can do and should do. Here are five suggestions.

Comp budgets on the rise, but still below inflation

Over the past decade, inflation has hovered between 1% and 2%, while the average merit budget increase has risen between 2% and 3%. In 2022, the vice-tight labor market is expected to drive those salary levels higher.

3 in 10 unvaxxed people would lie to keep their jobs

Among unvaccinated U.S. employees, 28% say they would consider lying about their COVID vaccination status or fabricating documents in order to keep their jobs.

Proposed OSHA heat rule may affect you

When OSHA released a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking for Heat Injury and Illness Prevention in Outdoor and Indoor Settings on Oct. 27, it didn’t make a big splash the way its covid-19 vaccination emergency temporary standard did when it came out just days later. However, the proposed heat rule has the potential to affect millions of employers, protecting employees from heat-related harm in almost every work setting, including indoors.

Injunction halts vax mandate for federal contractor employees

The U.S. District Court for Southern Georgia on Dec. 7 issued a nationwide injunction forbidding the government from enforcing a White House executive order that directed federal contractors to require all employees to be vaccinated against covid-19. The Biden administration is expected to appeal.

Snapshot: Top 3 reasons employees changed jobs this year

The top two reasons have always driven transitions, but the third is unique to the pandemic environment.