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Long COVID may affect 7% of infected employees

A study by the Workers Compensation Research Institute found that, while long-COVID prevalence was highest among workers who were hospitalized during an acute stage of disease, even some workers who needed limited medical care following infection developed long-COVID symptoms.

HR among top jobs for fully remote work

Marketing and information technology lead the list of work roles most commonly performed by remote workers, according to a new analysis by FlexJobs, an online career service specializing in remote and hybrid jobs.

EEOC launches offensive against AI at work

For years, artificial intelligence has been the next big thing, touted as the technology poised to transform how all kinds of business processes are conceived, developed and performed. Now, what was once a tantalizing promise seems on the verge of becoming a revolutionary reality.

11 tips for new managers and leaders

Leaders and managers should be judged on team achievements, says leadership expert and bestselling author Paul Falcone. It’s leadership through, not management over, he clarifies. Here are a variety of tips for any new manager or leader. But they are great reminders for existing leaders as well.

Accommodate hairstyles based on religious beliefs

Discrimination lawsuits involving hairstyles are all the rage—as are new laws and regulations protecting natural and ethnic hairstyles.

Need help editing your business comms? Try these tools

Executive assistants and administrative assistants are relied upon to write important emails, letters, reports, minutes and other business documents on behalf of their employer. Failure to take those extra few minutes to proofread can be detrimental not only to your reputation but also to your boss’ and company’s reputations.

Research examines how HR leadership shakes out in varying segments

The field of human resources is constantly changing, and this is a good time to check the industry’s pulse and examine the current state of HR leadership.

The top 5 KPIs to prioritize in 2023

It’s a new year, so it’s the perfect time to set some new strategic goals and KPIs. If you need guidance or inspiration for your 2023 HR key performance indicators, XpertHR released a report on the top five KPIs HR professionals must prioritize in 2023.

The HR I.Q. Test: February ’23

Here’s your monthly quiz on HR news and trends.

5 policy tips for managing workplace romance

Whether co-worker relationships develop on the shop floor or over Zoom, they pose the same risks for HR professionals charged with maintaining workplace harmony and limiting legal liability.