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Managing remote employees: 4 tips to make it work

Managing teleworkers can be challenging at times, especially if supervisors are also working remotely. However, it can be done. Here are some practical tips for making remote work productive.

Make showing appreciation part of your company culture

People like to be noticed and appreciated. Employees receive an immediate motivational boost when a manager or fellow team member offers positive feedback, a compliment or words of thanks. Build a company culture where leaders and staff members alike recognize the talents and efforts of others frequently and genuinely.

Outsourcing: How to harness the power of fractional HR

The trend toward adopting more agile and flexible models for HR management has given organizations the leverage to access specialized HR skills without investing in a full-time, in-house team.

HR pros are talking: Here’s what we heard at SHRM’s 2023 annual conference 

When the Society for Human Resource Development held its annual conference in June, more than 25,000 attendees heard from more than 380 speakers addressing how HR can drive change in the workplace. Here are some of the big ideas that had Las Vegas abuzz.

Monitoring: Beware fixating on productivity

Are supervisors asking to install tracking software on their remote employees’ computers and devices? They may be suffering from what Microsoft has termed “productivity paranoia.”

New hires: 6 tips to make onboarding more effective

It costs a company six to nine months of an employee’s salary to replace him or her. For an employee making $60,000 per year, that equates to $30,000–$45,000 in recruiting and training costs. Retaining employees and keeping them engaged early in their tenure is a game-changer from a financial and cultural perspective. Here’s how to do it.

Only 5% of HR leaders report implementing generative AI

AI has clearly moved from “It’s the next big thing!” to “The future is now!” Perhaps not yet.

Handling our summer of natural disasters

This is shaping up to be a summer to remember for the sheer volume of natural disasters that have beset the United States. Heat waves, smoke from wildfires in Canada, record-breaking rain storms and flash floods have disrupted life from coast to coast. Employers need a plan for dealing with each calamity.

Revamping HR: 3 steps to start the change process

If three-plus years of turmoil and change have left HR in need of a reboot, begin the change process by objectively observing how your department functions, who does what and whether your activities and processes are aligned with your organization’s business objectives.

EEO-1 data deadline pushed back to this fall

The filing date slid to allow more time for the federal Office of Management and Budget to complete a mandatory review of EEO-1 data-collection processes.