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Personnel Files

M, F or X: How to deal with ‘nonbinary’ genders


Some HR professionals are facing a new record-keeping hurdle: employees who identify as “nonbinary”—that is, neither male or female.

Rule of thumb: Good records win cases

When an employee turns down an offer of a benefit of some sort, make sure you note that she did.

Are departing employees legally allowed to demand a copy of their personnel files?

Q. If an employee is leaving the company and they request to take with them a copy of their complete personnel file, do they have the right to receive it? If so, does that include all records from their separate medical file and any confidential files?

Practical advice for better HR records management

Here’s advice on controlling record storage costs and ensuring business continuity if records are compromised.

Why should we worry about job descriptions?

Q. We are working on updating our job descriptions for our production employees. Are there any legal considerations we should take into account? We do not have any job descriptions for our office employees. It is hard because those jobs change so much. Is this a problem?

Document customer gripes: It helps win lawsuits

Customers may not always be right. But it’s wise to document their complaints at the time they make them.

Deal with health care cyber-attacks, data security & government audits


The costs involved are growing … but the consequences of not spending are brutal.

Court upholds EEOC rule on retention of employment-related testing records

A federal court has ruled that the EEOC can require employers to retain employment records for its inspection and specifically demand that those records include a wide range of information about employment-related testing, test results and the impact of the results on protected classes.

Prison taps inmates to digitize its records

The Oklahoma Department of Corrections is in the process of converting more than 400,000 paper files, microfilm and X-rays to digital files with the help of inmates.

Go digital and save big on labor costs

If you’re paying employees to create, file and organize paper records, you’re likely wasting valuable resources and money.