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Stacks of résumés are no excuse for sloppy hiring practices


Despite the daily economic lamentations, some employers are still hiring. Those employers may think they are in the catbird seat because they may have hundreds of applicants for each position. But a bonanza of applicants is no excuse for shoddy hiring practices. You must make sure they comply with state and federal laws.

Poor worker training cited in case involving heat death


In 2004, two men were fixing a pump at a plant when one of them complained of being hot and not feeling well. The other man took him to his car and returned to work on the pump. When he checked on the ill man 45 minutes later, he found him slumped over the wheel. He had died.

20 tips for motivating your employees


In addition to setting goals and tracking progress, it’s the manager’s job to help motivate their workers toward excellent performance. Here are 20 simple motivational tools to keep in your bag.

The safest way to handle calls for references and recommendations


As the economy shrinks, unemployment is growing in New York and throughout the country. If your organization plans to lay off workers or already has, brace yourself. Lots of former employees are going to list you and your managers as references when they seek new jobs. That means it’s time to make sure you have policies in place on how to handle reference-check calls.

Remind supervisors to immediately report offensive graffiti, and then remove it


Graffiti usually appears where the author is least likely to be caught creating it. Popular workplace spots are lavatories and work site portable toilets. And offensive graffiti can create an almost instantly hostile work environment. That’s why HR should remind supervisors to immediately report any graffiti—no matter where they find it.

Long-past lost training can’t make a lawsuit—for now


Employees who long ago were denied training opportunities because of their race can’t wait decades to sue their employers for later lost promotion opportunities, the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals had ruled.

Stamp out harassing behavior across the company


When it comes to hateful and discriminatory speech and behavior, it makes no difference whether the conduct happens in the boardroom or on the factory floor. That’s why you should train everyone—from those in the executive suite to those working in the field—on your harassment policy.

Preach zero tolerance for any harassment


Employers are responsible if they know or have reason to know about a hostile work environment created by employees and do nothing to fix it. As a practical matter, what employers hear and see may be just the tip of the iceberg. Smart employers immediately attempt to get the whole picture and then correct the harassing behavior.

OSHA fines WBG Construction


OSHA has fined WBG Construction, based in Wesley Chapel, for seven safety violations at two of the company’s locations. The agency said the violations exposed employees to potential injury or even death. The fines total $119,000.

Stillwater schools settle age discrimination lawsuit


The Stillwater School District has agreed to pay a part-time teacher and athletics coach $137,000 to settle age discrimination claims in a lawsuit filed by the EEOC.