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What should we do? An employee says one of our clients harassed her


Q. An employee recently complained that one of our clients sexually harassed her. May we be held liable for the client’s action?

Tell bosses: Absolutely no comments on ethnicity


Here’s another good reason to tell all managers you’ll tolerate absolutely no ethnic, religious or racial comments: Just one or two comments followed by an adverse employment action may be enough to establish a hostile work environment. And those later acts can extend the time the employee has to file his claim.

ADA Amendments Act means changes for employees, employers


Sweeping new ADA legislation passed earlier this fall will completely change the way employers manage disabled employees. The ADA Amendments Act of 2008 overruled four U.S. Supreme Court decisions defining disabilities under the ADA, thereby broadening the definition of disability …

‘Hey, lady! That’s a man’s job!’


Maybe a long, long time ago, in a far, far away place, folks used to tell women, “Oh, you can’t do that … it’s a man’s job.” Maybe the work was too heavy, muddy or risky? But welcome to 2009, where jobs are no longer classified by gender. Better check to make sure your hiring managers understand that, too!

Workplace violence: Hope for the best but plan for the worst


It’s important for employers to plan to prevent workplace violence and respond to it if prevention fails. While every employer needs a customized plan that fits its particular workplace, good violence-prevention strategies share common elements.

New ADA amendments law expands employee disability rights


Effective Jan. 1, 2009, employers with 15 or more employees have a new set of ADA rules to contend with. President Bush signed off on a law significantly amending the ADA in September, greatly changing how employers must handle disabled applicants and employees.

Workplace violence: Recognizing the threats, reducing the danger


If you’ve ever visited YouTube.com, you may have clicked on videos showing an assortment of office meltdowns. Laptops get smashed, desks are overturned. While some of these are funny to watch, each one probably made you think, “Man, I hope nothing like that ever happens at our office.” Sad to say, it could …

N.J. Supreme Court sets rules for proving religious discrimination


The New Jersey Supreme Court has ruled for the first time on the proof employees must offer to make a religion-based hostile work environment claim stick. The case, Cutler v. Dorn, established that New Jersey courts must decide workplace religious discrimination claims using the same legal standards they use in racial and gender discrimination claims.

Slurs, ‘code’ can create hostile environment


Just one incident of name-calling or behavior that could be interpreted as racist—if sufficiently severe—might be enough to color other incidents in a racist light. And if a complaint leads to court, that may mean the harassed employee could get a chance to show a jury just how unpleasant co-workers made his life.

Must we pay for tryout time?


Q. I recently heard the phrase “tryout time” and wondered what this phrase meant and how it may be applicable to my workplace …