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Compensation & Benefits

‘Paid time off’ bank
avoids sick-leave policing

Q Our policy grants workers five sick days per year. Should we make sure employees aren’t using these days for other purposes? —T.W., Maryland

Paycheck problems: Know limits on deductions, promptness of pay

Two mistakes with Trina Richardson’s final paycheck cost her employer, an Oregon credit union, more than the check itself. Here’s where the company went wrong: Improper deduction. The credit union …

Each paycheck can equal a discriminatory act

After six years on the job, Gerard Cardenas quit and sued his company, alleging that he was paid less because he is a Mexican American. A lower court tossed out his …

Deciding who’s exempt? Focus on employee’s duties, not job title

Twenty former Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) employees won back overtime pay when they sued under the Fair Labor Standards Act. The workers successfully argued that they were wrongly classified as exempt …

Keep your workplace safe for pregnant employees

Verona Meyer was about 35 weeks pregnant when she slipped while working at a Burger King and struck her lower abdomen on the corner of a table. The baby was born …

Independent contractors, others can be plan beneficiaries

J.L. Hollis worked as a sales rep for Hendrick Graduate Supply House for more than 10 years. Then he signed an agreement that reclassified him as an independent contractor. He still …

Use peer job reviews to fight rising bias claims

Adding a peer review element to your performance reviews can help prevent claims that negative evaluations stem from discrimination. More companies are doing it. Twenty-eight percent of companies now have …

Temp Employee May Trigger FMLA Rights


Q. Do employees paid through a temporary agency count toward the 50-employee eligibility number for the Family and Medical Leave Act? —M.S., New Jersey

Keep Control Over Comp-Time Accumulation


Q. We have an exempt supervisor who’s accumulated more than 400 hours of comp time over the past year. It’s almost impossible for her to take 400 hours of comp time and do her job. What is our obligation to pay for this comp time? How can this issue best be resolved? —G.H., California

Egg on their faces: Mistakes in paying cooks cost $2.8 million

Employers who misclassify workers as exempt continue to be hit with big-dollar court awards. In a recent decision, a federal court ordered owners of more than 100 Waffle House restaurants …