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Employee Relations

Dazzle your managers with ‘constructive disagreement’

Issue: How to exert influence over people who don’t report to you.
Benefit: Fend off bad ideas without developing a reputation as “difficult” or discouraging future good ideas.
Action: …

Expand benefits lineup at little cost with ‘voluntary’ perks

Issue: Benefit costs are rising, but you need to offer a competitive package to retain good workers.
Benefit: Voluntary benefits let you beef up your benefits without much additional cost. …

Ease bumpy workplace re-entry for returning reservists

Issue: Reservists returning from war create special challenges for your work force and your organization.
Risk: Loss of productivity and distractions among staff; reservists may face challenges at work and …

Look to local colleges for training

Issue: Community colleges provide high-quality employee training at a reasonable cost.
Benefit: Employees learn new skills and feel more loyal to your organization …

Treat FMLA policy changes with care, communication


When establishing or changing your Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) policy, make sure you include it in your employee handbook. Don’t rely on references to the policy outside the book, and don’t attach or staple the policy separately.

What to ask employees during exit interviews

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Promote the value of your benefits plan

Studies show that employees who keep their jobs after a round of layoffs tend to view their benefits package less highly. Nip that attitude in the bud by distributing a personalized …

Study: Fair managers = healthy employees

Here’s a simple way to cut your health costs: Encourage managers to lower their voice and treat employees more fairly. Reason: Employees who work under bosses who are judged to be …

Take extra anti-harassment steps with young staff

Warning: Courts may view especially young workers differently when it comes to the issue of harassment, affording them more leeway when they fail …

Pursue harassment claims, even if complaining worker backs off

You know to investigate harassment complaints when they land on your desk. But what if the complaining employee shows a lack of interest in her initial complaint, …