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Employee Relations

Morale, Not Law, Dictates Social Obligations


Q. We’ve traditionally sponsored a holiday cruise for our Virginia employees (mainly executives and directors). But the cost will be prohibitive if we include our newest employees, who are spread across three neighboring states. Can we sponsor different events for staff in each geographical area? —W.S., Virginia

Debunked: 3 myths about workplace bullies

Much of what you think you know about office bullies may be wrong. For example, there’s a common belief that bullies are insecure and lack self-esteem. In fact, they’re often popular and have an inflated sense of self. Here are some other myths about bullies.

Worker’s outburst wins NLRA protection

Disciplining an employee who protests working conditions at your company will put you at risk of being charged with an unfair labor practice, even if you’re a nonunion employer. Case in …

Don’t pull punches; fire when necessary

The Cook County, Ill., Sheriff’s Department fired Harriet Rizzo when it discovered that she didn’t have a high school diploma as required, and she had lied about it on her job …

Don’t leave victim in doubt about response to harassment

It started innocently enough. After Romelia Frazier’s car was stolen, she rode to work for several months with another Delco employee, Bester Spears. He had just divorced a woman who had …

Retaliation protection extends to employee’s family

Michael Flannery was a pro-union employee at a baking plant where his wife was a supervisor. Soon after Flannery joined in an organizing drive, managers told him that his actions were …

Doc’s opinion alone isn’t enough

Larry Jackson’s doctor cleared him to return to work without restrictions following his triple bypass surgery. His employer, DBM Technologies, initially assigned him …

An honest mistake won’t sink you

After receiving a phone message that her father had suffered a heart attack, Vickie Medley told her boss that she was leaving Denver immediately to drive to Nebraska. Over the next …

Raise Doesn’t Prove Employee Was Succeeding


Q. About three months ago, we gave a marginal employee who is pregnant a pay raise in hopes that it would improve her job performance by boosting her morale. Unfortunately, her performance has gone from bad to worse. If we fire her for poor performance, can she successfully argue that the recent raise indicates that she was performing well and that our reason for terminating her was discriminatory? —H.K., Illinois

You Can Restrict Use of Personal Days


Q. If a company provides both personal and vacation days for its employees and does not define what a personal day is, can that be used for anything outside of vacation time? —E.H., Utah