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Job descriptions: Make ’em lawsuit-proof

Job descriptions are among the first items that courts examine to determine the legitimacy of a discrimination charge. You can use them as part of a defense in court only if …

Lax hiring process will cost you

For nearly two years, Joyce Dennis worked in progressively more responsible jobs at a South Carolina hospital. But when she interviewed for a promotion to ER registration supervisor, the hiring manager …

Tear down accommodation hurdles; don’t make worker formally apply

When Howard Shapiro, a 15-year city employee, became disabled in a work accident, he couldn’t continue his paramedic job. So he made repeated requests for accommodations and identified several vacant positions …

Draw line on harassing behavior, even against top company execs

Over four months, a female co-worker slipped nearly a dozen sexually explicit pamphlets into the office mailbox of a company vice president, including one titled “Great Sex for Men over 50” …

Workers’ comp can cover on-the-job fights

Robert LeeGrand, an African-American brick mason’s assistant, got mad when a co-worker criticized his work and made a racist remark. When LeeGrand confronted him, the co-worker threw bricks, which caused LeeGrand …

Challenging an OSHA citation? Don’t miss 15-day deadline

OSHA slapped a building contractor with $11,000 in fines for several serious safety violations. The agency sent a notice of citation by certified mail. A company secretary picked up the letter …

Employees have zero privacy claim on e-mail

Two insurance workers sued, claiming privacy rights, after they were fired for forwarding sexually explicit e-mails. The company had a clear policy that banned defamatory, abusive, obscene or threatening messages. The …

You’re free to adjust benefit plan without fear of FMLA suit

When it merged with another bank, Wells Fargo replaced its traditional employee sick- and vacation-leave policy with a paid-time-off (PTO) program and a short-term disability plan. A PTO policy combines annual …

Don’t stack the deck in arbitration

Daniel Murray, a full-time union organizer, signed a mandatory arbitration agreement as a condition of employment. The pact said arbitrators would be chosen from a list provided by his employer and …

I-9 form: Feds give mixed message about which IDs you can accept

When filing Employment Eligibility Verification forms (I-9s) for new hires, you may be unknowingly accepting documents that no longer are allowed. Reason: The I-9 version that em-ployers are given and …