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Drug testing: Minimize lawsuit risk with smart policy

THE LAW. You have the right to demand a drug-free workplace, but employees also have reasonable rights to privacy. That’s why drug testing and substance abuse prevention …

Don’t make promises the company might not keep

Issue: Courts will make your company follow through on oral promises you make about benefits.
Risk: You or an ill-informed manager could inadvertently force your company to provide benefits it …

Learn the legal risks of viewing school records

Issue: Using school transcripts to screen applicants can lead to discrimination claims.
Risk: Without guidance, hiring managers can inadvertently use school records …

Keep employees growing … so they won’t leave

Issue: “Intraplacement” involves the entire company in identifying job-growth opportunities for ready employees. Benefits: Boost retention, cut recruiting costs …

Rewrite policy to prevent moonlighting during FMLA leave

Issue: Unless your policy prevents it, employees can work a second job while out on medical-related FMLA leave.
Risk: Reduced productivity as employees “work” the system.
Action: To prevent …

Keep data on employees’ race separate


Q. We have all new employees fill out a data sheet. Is it OK to ask for race on this form? —J.M., Nevada

You don’t need I-9 forms for pre-1986 hires


Q. We have a few employees who started working for us more than 20 years ago, before the I-9 rules took effect. I don’t have an I-9 on file for these folks. Should I? —S.I., New York

Could you be sued for commuting accidents?

Issue: Employees aren’t “on the clock” during their commute, so you can’t be sued for car accidents they cause, right? Wrong.
Risk: A recent ruling has sparked a new liability …

Blocking junk e-mail: 5 online resources

Unsolicited e-mail (“spam”) wastes employee time, slows your network and creates legal liabilities. Here are five resources to help you block it out: Spam calculator, www.cmsconnect.com/ marketing/spamcalc.htm, lets you calculate spam’s …

Here’s more reason to reinforce anti-bias policy

If it’s been awhile since you’ve reminded employees about your anti-discrimination policy, now’s a good time. Why? A big U.S. Supreme Court ruling last month makes it easier for workers to …